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Get a New 1TB PS5 SSD For Only $80

Do you want your PS5 to run as smoothly as possible? Do you want all of your games in one place? Then you need to get onto this new 1TB PS5 SSD deal as soon as possible, which provides some superfast additional storage for your console at only $80.

Get the 1TB Teamgrounp PS5 SSD for $80.99

The PS5 SSD from Teamgroup can be purchased for $80.99 right here.

An internal SSD is a huge boon to any PlayStation gamer as it not only offers a rather substantial size increase, allowing you to put all of your games in one place without having to constantly delete games that you one day might want to go back to but also offers absolutely incredible speeds that take full advantage of next-generation hardware in games such as Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

It’s super easy to install an SSD into your console too, with PlayStation making it incredibly intuitive to swap pieces in and out to create the best possible version of the console.

To go along with your SSD, get yourself a new 75-Inch 4K Sony TV, or pick up a soundbar to really amplify your overall experience.

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