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Ghost Recon Frontline is a Free-to-Play PvP Shooter With a Different Take on Battle Royale

The promised Ghost Recon 20th Anniversary Showcase announcement was the reveal of a new free-to-play, first-person PvP shooter called Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline. The game will feature a new take on the battle royale franchise where the aim isn’t necessarily to be the last team standing and there’s no converging circle.

The main “flagship” mode in Ghost Recon Frontline is Expedition. More than 100 players are put into teams of three and sent to an island known as Drakemoor. Here they need to collect intel from three different locations by completing dynamic objectives. Once the intel is collected, that team can call for an extraction helicopter from one of three drop zones. Once an extraction is called, all other teams will be notified and can attempt to stop the extraction taking place, or even steal it for themselves. The first team to leave the island is the winner. Other game modes will also be available at launch. One of these is Control mode where two teams of nine players fight to dominate an area.

Ghost Recon Frontline has multiple unique contractor classes to suit different playstyles and these can be swapped mid-match if players feel like it. Each class has their own unique skills, consumables, and gadgets. In terms of abilities, they have an active ability, a major passive skill and two minor passive skills. Players will begin with two contractors, each of which will be part of one of three main classes: Assault, Support and Scout.

Assault is good for close-range combat, using Sensor grenades to locate enemies at close range and preventing them from regenerating health for a short period of time if the Assault contractor injures them. Support specialises in fortifications, coming equipped with cover points and auto-turrets. Scout is the recon member, using a UAV to reveal more distant enemies or even being able to airdrop into a sniper tower at key vantage points. Other classes will be available at launch.

Players can also use a “large set” of tactical support tools like auto-turrets,  smoke screen drones, and barricades, some of which can be found throughout the map. Others can be called in via the TAC Support tool as long as players have enough Requisition Points from gathering intel, hacking laptops, and taking down enemy teams. Like many other games’ battle royale maps, Drakemoor has plenty of landmarks, different biomes, and changing weather conditions that could all force players to switch up their strategy.

Ghost Recon Frontline is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC. Ubisoft Bucharest’s game will feature cross-play between all of these platforms when it launches at an unknown date in the future. Before then, players can sign up at the game’s official website to take part in beta tests, although the first of these will be limited to PC players only.

In other Ghost Recon anniversary news, players can get Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Fallen Ghosts DLC for free from the PlayStation Store, as well as the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Deep State Adventure expansion that can be downloaded for free through the in-game store. Both are available for free for a limited period of time until October 11 to celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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