God of War Kratos Actor Suggested His Own Moveset for the Character


Eric Jacobus was one of the mocap actors for God of War on PS4, and it turns out he was getting into the role of the character even before he’d auditioned for the part. Jacobus created his own moveset for the character, which included ax moves and dismembered arms, and sent the video to Santa Monica Studio ahead of his audition for Kratos in God of War.

Five minutes of different combat moves for God of War’s Kratos

The video shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise to Santa Monica Studio bearing in mind they invited the actor to audition based on his Tekken IRL video series. In these videos, Jacobus tries to replicate moves from Tekken fighters as accurately as he can. The nearly five-minute-long God of War Kratos moveset video, found by Push Square, shows Jacobus performing punches, kicks, and combos. There are even melee attacks, finishing moves, and dismemberments with an ax, one of the most prominent being when the beating continued with a dismembered arm. Unfortunately his training dummy Bernie didn’t make it to the end of the video.

Ahead of his audition, the video was then sent to Santa Monica Studio, who invited Jacobus to audition for eight hours for the role. He later got the part alongside fellow mocap actors Chris Jai Alex, Joseph Gatt, and the late Shad Gaspard. As well as Kratos, Jacobus also did mocap for Balder, Magni, and Modi amongst others. In total, God of War employed 20 mocap actors to cover the stunt moves for all of the game’s many characters. Jacobus has since returned to the role of Kratos “and various other characters” in God of War Ragnarok.

In other news, Grand Theft Auto V’s Cops ‘n’ Crooks mode was delayed indefinitely due to real-life events. Elsewhere, today’s Gran Turismo 7 update introduces three new cars but not a lot else.

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