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God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus Update Now Available

Surprise! The God of War Ragnarok new game plus feature is available now in the latest update. Santa Monica Studio revealed that NG+ would be released today through an official PlayStation Blog. The update come with an increased level cap, new enchantments, and new equipment as well, so this is as good a time as ever to head back into the game.

God of War Ragnarok NG+ update pushes Kratos to the limit

God of War Ragnarok’s new game plus will be unlocked right after you finish the main story. You will be able to carry over all your equipment, skills, and weapons (yes, even the Draupnir Spear), though you will not have access to some of the special Sonic and Hex arrows.

New game plus will also increase the difficulty of two optional mini-bosses, the Hateful and the Ormstunga. It will also come with Give Me No Mercy and Give Me God of War difficulties that will make enemies harder.

If you want to make the game even more difficult, you can apply Burden enchantments that have negative traits and put on the Spartan Armor, available at the Hacksilver at Huldra Brothers’ Shop, which will strip Kratos down to Power Level 1 with no extra perks and stats. Other new items include the Armor of the Black Bear, Ares Armor, Zeus Armor, and Spartan Aspis shield, along with new appearances for thirteen sets of armor.

All Level 9 equipment can be upgraded to their “Plus” versions for additional progression in new game plus. Using Gilded Coins, you can also take the perks from Armor and Shield Ronds and equip them in your Amulet as enchantments. Along with an expanded Niflheim arena, you can further upgrade skill mods, unlock Platinum Tier rewards for Kill Labors, and obtain Yggdrasil Dew for additional stats.

God of War Ragnarok recently became the most BAFTA-nominated game ever, and the actor for Atreus wants the character to “grow into a man.”

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