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Godox’s Lux Senior is a larger, more powerful flash with a retro-inspired design

If you liked the adorable aesthetics of Godox’s Lux Junior flash, you’ll likely be equally enamored with its new, more powerful sibling, the Godox Lux Senior.

This retro-inspired hotshoe flash is here and and making the most of nostalgia with a design that looks like it time-travelled from the world of mid-century photo kit. Like its Junior sibling, the Senior, which has a guide number of 14, uses faux leather grain and silver accents to accentuate the pop-up design that unfolds to reveal a circular reflector with a bulb in the center.

On the back of the flash is a dial with seven power levels to choose from (1/1 through 1/64). Aperture, distance and ISO markings are also there to help guide the strength you should pick based on your subject and camera settings. Unlike its Junior counterpart, which uses ‘AAA’ batteries, the Lux Senior has an integrated battery that charges over USB-C. According to Godox, the battery is good for 150 full-power flashes with a sub-three-second recycle time.

In addition to being used as a standalone flash, it can also be paired with other units to create a more robust setup. There are two optical trigger modes with a switch on the rear to activate the S1 optical control and S2 optical control. The S1 setting will turn the light into a secondary flash triggered by another flash going off while the S2 setting will do the same, but avoid any pre-flashes made from primary lights that have a pre-flash for TTL functionality. Godox claims the Lux Senior has a color temperature of 6000±200 Kelvin.

The Godox Lux Senior will retail for $119 when it becomes available in September 2022. It will come with a storage back, a charging cable and a triggering cable.