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: Gotham Knights (PS5) – It’s Actually Pretty Good

Return to Arkham.

Sometimes, reviewing a game under embargo feels a lot like the famous Jose Mourinho phrase: “If I speak, I am in big trouble.” Not just with the publisher, but also those fuelling the narrative that Gotham Knights is a bad game before it’s even out. Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s latest has continually been thrown under a bus in the months leading up to launch, and while some of those criticisms are valid, it all comes across a tad unfair having now played it. Is Gotham Knights on par with the mainline Batman: Arkham series? No, but it’s still a good game.

With a surprisingly excellent story, fun combat system, and engaging investigations, Gotham Knights differentiates itself just enough from the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The open world of Gotham City is your playground, but the campaign still loves its set pieces in crafted, indoor environments and top-quality cutscenes. It’s pleasingly cinematic, revealing the death of Batman in proper 4K.

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