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Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Shutdown Fix

You’re not alone if you’ve been playing Gran Turismo 7 and your PS5 unexpectedly shuts down. Since its release, players have been affected by a bug that causes the console to crash unexpectedly. Unfortunately, each time it happens, your PS5 goes through the whole unexpected shutdown process, which means you have to sit through those annoying hard drive scans and “repairs.” Fortunately, we’ve found a fix for the Gran Turismo 7 PS5 shutdown bug that seems to stop the problem completely (for most people).

How to fix Gran Turismo 7 PS5 shutdown bug

If your PS5 keeps shutting down unexpectedly every time you play Gran Turismo 7, here’s a quick fix:

  • Move the game to your internal drive if it is on an external SSD.
  • Move it to an external SSD if it’s on your internal drive.
  • If it’s on an internal drive and you don’t have an external SSD, delete the game and reinstall it.

When the bug struck me, I couldn’t find a cause for it. It was installed on an external drive that had plenty of space left. I played probably 40 hours of Gran Turismo 7 before the day one patch ever released, and I have booked another 20 or so since the official launch. Not once did it cause my PS5 to shut down. Then, a few days ago, it started crashing the console every time I tried to load a race.

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While researching the issue, I found many players have run into the same bug since the game was released. However, the only common thread seems to be that it started happening somewhat close to an update coming out. So, an update may be somehow getting corrupted, and moving the game to another drive forces some sort of integrity check which fixes it.

Unfortunately, while this fix works for many, not everyone reported success with it. Others stated that vacuuming the dust out of their console did the trick, but I can attest that my PS5 is clean as a whistle, and that had no bearing on my issue. However, if moving the game to another drive or reinstalling it doesn’t work, give cleaning it a shot because it may be overheating.

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