Gran Turismo 7 Will Feature Brake Lock-up Using Adaptive Triggers


In a behind-the-scenes videoGran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi detailed how Gran Turismo 7 will use the DualSense adaptive triggers when using the car brake. He also explained that GT7‘s Scapes mode will support raytracing. According to Yamauchi, the added graphical fidelity along with the new adaptive trigger features and haptic feedback will help GT7 feel more realistic than past Gran Turismo titles.

In order to recreate realistic braking physics, the game will apply resistance to triggers as the player uses them to brake. At a certain point, however, breaks will lock up and the resistance will disappear. This mimics braking in real life — though not so common with modern cars that have ABS — where car brakes lock up after holding down the brake. The behind-the-scenes video notes, however, that these adaptive triggers will not appear in PS4 versions of Gran Turismo 7.

Additionally, Yamauchi states that the Scapes photography mode will support raytracing. Combined with the game’s selection of over 400 classic and modern cars, Yamauchi believes that images “which previously looked like CGI will no longer look that way.” He also notes in the video that raytracing, in addition to 4K, 60fps, and HDR features, will make the game appear even more realistic than before.

The new additions are part of a larger return to the roots of classic Gran Turismo games. Rather than focusing on the esports aspects of the franchise, Yamauchi previously explained that Gran Turismo 7 will be a “combination of the past, present and future – a complete form of Gran Turismo.”

You can check out the official behind-the-scenes Gran Turismo 7 video below:

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