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GraphT Releases Officially Licensed PlayStation Bags With Retro ’90s Designs

Japanese gaming brand GraphT is releasing a new collection of bags and pouches with officially licensed PlayStation brands, featuring the console series’ signature four-button symbols in a variety of designs. The collection includes a flat pouch, multipurpose bag, knapsack, and a strapped wallet, each coming in three different designs ranging from retro 90s’ style pop to traditional Japanese calligraphy.

The designs come from GraphT, a company based in Japan that partners with Sony as well as Capcom’s Street Fighter series to make merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and hats. Just a few months ago, the company started its first collaboration line with Sony to produce a series of shirts celebrating the legacy of the PSX. A second collection soon followed, adding a special “1994” line of t-shirts. These marked the year 1994 as the “Start of the Future of Play,” noting the original release year of the first PlayStation console.

Now, GraphT is looking to continue that trend, this time with a collection of bags and pouches with similar designs. In addition to a quality strap with the four-button symbols woven in, there are a total of three designs to choose from; a graffiti-style painted art design and retro 90s’ style pop design symbolizing the decade of the PlayStation’s inception, and a Japanese calligraphy design to pay tribute to PlayStation’s Japanese roots.

Unfortunately, the bags are currently only available via the GraphT official store or Rakuten online shopping site and do not ship outside of Japan. Below is a list of each product and its price in Japanese yen.

Strapped Wallet Case – 3800 yen (about $35)

Features adjustable strap, velcro opener, and a total of 6 different pockets to store change, money, and credit cards. The strap can also be freely attached to bags or belts to prevent theft.

Flat Pouch – 4859 yen (about $44)

Capable of fitting A5 size documents and books. Includes an internal pocket that can be used to store a phone, keys, or card case.

Pouch – 5859 yen (about $53)

Slightly slimmer than an A5 document, but is thick enough to carry a smartphone or wallet. Features two main pockets with zippers. The internal pocket features a mesh lining and a carabiner hook that can be used to attach keychains and other items.

Knapsack – 4979 yen (about $45)

Pulling the straps opens and closes the bag. Also features a front zipper pocket large enough to fit a smartphone or wallet. The longer strap makes it possible to carry the bag on one shoulder, both shoulders, or carry it by hand.

[Source: Game Watch]

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