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Halo Infinite Datamine Offers Glimpse Of the Scorpion Tank And Lots Of Other Material

Halo infinite‘s second multiplayer tech preview was this past weekend, and as you could guess, dataminers dug through the game and uncovered a lot of interesting images, from vehicle attachments to Spartan poses and even a render of the Scorpion battle tank.

First spotted by Redditor marcopolo444, the user posted a series of links and images, which show off a ton of content that did not make it into the latest technical preview for Halo Infinite. The post suggests that a lot of content will make its way into Halo Infinite at some point. This includes a helmet attachment that adds a Santa Claus hat on your Spartan, three images of maps we have yet to see in the technical preview, and a series of emblems that seem to take inspiration from famous memes.

Additionally, Twitter user @HaloCreation posted a video of playing the technical preview with split-screen enabled. Perhaps the most interesting thing from datamine this past weekend comes from Twitter user @HaloNoticiasMX, who tweeted a thread of various vehicles. Some were included in this weekend’s tech preview, but some, such as the Scorpion was discovered.

Halo Infinite is scheduled to have another technical test beginning September 30 from October 4. According to the official schedule, the upcoming technical preview notes that Big Team Battle will be included in the weekend’s multiplayer playlists.

Halo Infinite will release on December 8 for PC and Xbox. The multiplayer component will be free-to-play and both the single-player campaign and multiplayer will be available day one to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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