Horizon Forbidden West PS4 Gameplay Leaked in Off-Screen Images


Off-screen images of a Horizon Forbidden West PS4 version have leaked online. Initially posted on Reddit and hosted on Imgur, the photos are of a television that has the game up and running. The in-game text and subtitles are in Russian.

Although spoiler-free, we won’t share the images here but if you’re curious, head over to Imgur at your own risk.

Do note that Sony is actively having the images taken down so if you end up sharing them somewhere and get hit with a copyright strike, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Where did the Horizon Forbidden West PS4 leak come from?

According to multiple reports, the photos were first posted on where a user apparently got hold of a pre-Gold copy and used the latest PS4 jailbreak to run the game. This case seems to be similar to The Last of Us Part II‘s high-profile leak in that Sony probably sent the game over to an external partner for localization purposes and someone decided to break the non-disclosure agreement. Nevertheless, Sony seems to be on top of the game this time, and at the time of this writing, several tweets and videos have already been taken down with a copyright notice.

Opinion: Horizon Forbidden West PS4 version looks stunning even in off-screen images

Zarmena writes… While I’m glad Sony wasted no time here and has started cracking down on the leaks, the images I’ve seen only confirm what Guerrilla Games has told us in the past: Horizon Forbidden West PS4 version looks great. While we can’t yet tell how well it’ll run on the older hardware (the original made my PS4 sound like a jet engine), it’s nice to know that the developer made no compromises on visual quality.

In other news, Sony has reportedly switched Twisted Metal reboot developer before the game’s even announced, and there’s a State of Play reportedly set for February.

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