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Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Version Is Almost 86 GB

Twitter user PlayStation Game Size, who is known for scraping PlayStation Network’s back end for game info, has found an entry for Horizon Forbidden West, revealing its size. It looks like Guerrilla Games’ next outing will be one chunky beast at a whopping 85.913 GB in the United States and 96.350 GB in Europe without a day-one patch. An entry for the Japanese SKU has yet to be added.

Why Horizon Forbidden West Size is bigger in Europe

European versions of video games tend to be bigger in size due to localization files and support for a variety of languages. As pointed out by PlayStation Game Size, it’s worth noting that some games may appear to be bigger in size on PlayStation’s database than what they weigh on console, with the difference being anywhere between 10 to 20 GB. Nevertheless, Horizon Forbidden West is still over 70 GB at minimum, and again, we have no information about a day-one patch at present. So if you haven’t already, look into picking up an external SSD if you prefer to buy your games digitally.

There’s no information about Horizon Forbidden West‘s PS4 size at present. We’ll make sure to update our readers when we find out.

When can we pre-load Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West will launch on February 18th. You can begin pre-loading the game a week in advance on February 11th. That’s ample time to download the full game unless your internet isn’t good enough, in which case we suggest buying the disc. You might also want to keep an eye on your data cap prior to making that decision.

In other news, Horizon Forbidden West will have only one ending but it’ll be “very strong and impactful. And Assassin’s Creed‘s original trilogy was supposed to end in space, according to its creator Patrice Désilets.

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