Horizon Forbidden West Update Fixes Legendary Weapons and Machine Loot


Horizon Forbidden West got another update today in the form of Patch 1.10 and Patch 1.11 combined. Between them, they fix the “unintentional” nerf for Legendary weapons that occurred in the last update, as well as fixed several issues with machine looting.

Horizon Forbidden West Update 1.11 Patch Notes

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.10-1.11 was released today, April 6. The main change players will appreciate is the “unintentional change” that saw Legendary weapons be nerfed so they were less effective than purple weapons has now been reversed. Players will also now be able to retrieve the Sun Scourge bow after completing all of the rebel camps even if they reload a save that removes it from their inventory. Death-Seeker’s Shadow will now upgrade properly, as will the Carja Wanderer, Nora Sentinel, and Nora Tracker armor.

Several issues with machines have also been fixed. The spawning of Apex machines will only be influenced by a player’s kill count now instead of player level. It’s now possible for Apex Bristlebacks to spawn, while on the other hand standard Thunderjaws will now spawn in the world too. Apex Plowhorns now have hearts and Apex Rockbreakers have mining claws.

On a more light-hearted note, a Tideripper using a beach as a slip and slide has now been disciplined. Skydrifters no longer stand in the air (nor do dead clan members). Finally, there’s even a chance for karaoke as the subtitles for the lyrics of the title song, “In The Flood” have been added. A full list of bug fixes and gameplay improvements can be found in the patch notes on Reddit.

In other news, Dying Light 2’s New Game Plus mode will be arriving later this month as part of Patch 3. There will also be a long list of bug fixes and gameplay improvements here too. Elsewhere, Epic Games has confirmed some PSVR 2 games will be developed on Unreal Engine 5.

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