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Horizon Forbidden West Villain Could Be Stronger Than Regalla

The latest Horizon Forbidden West trailer gives us a closer look at the tribes Aloy will encounter on her adventures in the Forbidden West. At the end, though, there’s a teaser about a villain that’s easily missed. After introducing Regalla and her rebels, the trailer warns of “an even stronger tribe” that can be found on “the very edge of the west”. How deadly will these enemies be?

Who is the Villain at the Very Edge of the West?

Little else is known about this tribe, but they could be followers of Sylens. After the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, Sylens retreated to the Forbidden West where he began collaborating with Regalla. Here he helped these rebels of Tenakth to override machines to use them for their own nefarious purposes. Sylens’ appearance in Horizon Forbidden West was confirmed in the game’s announcement trailer and you can see the effect he’s had in the trailer below.

Other tribes known to occupy the Forbidden West include the Oseram located on the eastern edge of Sundom. This tribe are craftsmen and revelers, and they’re likely to be friendly towards Aloy. On the other hand, the Carja tribe are wary of outsiders and prefer to stay along the border away from the dangers of the Forbidden West. The Utaru can be found in the  Plainson area, attempting to heal the land of the red blight through the power of song, something that seems futile. Finally, the Tenakth are warriors located in the far west. What part these will play in Aloy’s quest will only likely be revealed when the game is released for PS4 and PS5 on February 18.

In other news, unused files found in the Discord beta suggest that PlayStation Network integration will be coming fairly soon. Elsewhere, the PlayStation 5 console has sold ten times more units than the Xbox Series X|S in Japan, while the PS4 console also outsold Microsoft’s latest Xbox.

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