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How To Stop PS5 Headset Battery Drain Issues


While a wireless PS5 headset can be super convenient, as there are no wires tethering you to your console or controller, that convenience factor is quickly lost when the batteries start to drain more quickly. No one likes running out of juice during a gaming session, so it’s good to know to avoid those “Low Battery” warning signs. Here’s how to stop the PS5 headset battery drain issues and make its lifespan longer.

How to stop PS5 headset batteries from draining quickly

To stop PS5 headset batteries from draining quickly, users should:

  • Install the latest updates.
    • Whether it’s the PS5 Pulse headset or a third-party solution, making sure the firmware is up to date will implement the latest fixes, which could include battery life optimizations.
  • Be smarter with your charging.
    • Though it’s convenient, leaving your headset constantly plugged in may not be good for its battery life.
    • Think about keeping the headset charged within a range of 20-80% for the best results.
  • Lower the volume.
    • Wireless headsets use more battery life at higher volumes.
    • Lowering the volume towards the end of a gaming session can help eke out that little extra power required to finish the Warzone round, Fortnite match, or whatever else it is you are playing.
  • Utilize the Rest Mode charging feature.
    • Power can be supplied to the USB ports to allow for charging peripherals like the DualSense controller.
    • To enable this, go to Settings > System > Power Saving > Features Available in Rest Mode > Supply Power to USB Ports > On.
  • Check the warranty of your headset.
    • If you’ve only owned the headset for several months, it might be worth checking the product’s warranty information.
    • More expensive headsets can have multiple years of warranty, which may cover the battery!

The above tips should help users maximize the battery life of their PS5 headset. Though it’s a fact that the batteries commonly used in wireless headsets will degrade over time, users can employ tactics to help slow the process down.

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