Inscryption PS5 DualSense Features Include a Talking Stoat and Spooky Lighting


PlayStation announced they were giving us updates on seven indies today, and one of those was the reveal that Inscryption will be coming to PS5 complete with DualSense features. Daniel Mullins will be bringing his “inky black card-based odyssey”, which features a somewhat strange blend of genres, to PS4 as well.

What we know about Inscryption

Inscryption is a card-based roguelike that is also “part escape-room puzzler and part psychological horror”, all blended together into a “blood-laced smoothie”. Players find themselves trapped in a cabin owned by a sadistic stranger known as Leshy. All you can see of Leshy is a pair of eyes in the darkness, but he promises to let you go if you can adapt to his ever-changing rules and play your cards right. Those cards are based on woodland creatures and your deck expands by “draft, surgery, and self-mutilation.” Smaller creatures like squirrels and rabbits can be sacrificed to access larger creatures like the Grizzly or even mythological cards like the Mantis God. In between card games, players can solve puzzles around the cabin to¬†gain more powers and unlock the mystery of why they’re in the cabin in the first place.

If the premise of Inscryption sounds a bit weird, the PS5 Dualsense features will feel perfectly suited. Players have a talking Stoat card companion who will talk to them through the speakers built into the controller. Playing the game in the dark is encouraged as atmospheric lighting will be provided by the DualSense lights. There’s also Haptic feedback that “enhances every grisly action”. Those wondering what they’re getting themselves into may be interested to learn there’s a free demo to try out on Steam if that’s an option for you, although this won’t come with the aforementioned DualSense features.

In other news, Skull and Bones can now be pre-ordered ahead of its release date in November. Elsewhere, E3 gets a new organizer as it heads back to LA in 2023.

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Skull and Bones PS5 Pre-Orders Available Now Ahead of November Release Date

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