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Is There a PS5 Pro Release Date (2023)?

The PS5 Pro is highly anticipated, with many wondering when Sony’s console will finally make its way to store shelves. The PlayStation 5 has been a clear leader of this current console generation, though there’s plenty of room for a more powerful version of the hardware. So is there a PS5 Pro release date, and when is it coming out?

When is the PS5 Pro release date?

The PS5 Pro is expected to come out around Q4 2024, so between October–December. This would see it release nearly a full four years following the base model of the console.

This PS5 Pro leak was revealed by Insider Gaming, which claimed that the hardware was currently in development. According to the report, dev kits are already in the hands of first-party studios, meaning that PlayStation game developers are currently working on the system.

Is the PS5 Pro coming out soon?

Sony has posted no official announcement of the PS5 Pro, and the company is reportedly in more discussions about the also unannounced PlayStation 6 than it is a follow-up to its PS5. However, given that reliable leakers have claimed it’s in production, we will hopefully see the console being released in the future.

Details on the PS5 Pro are sparse, as it’s unclear how much Sony will be looking to push the envelope with the hardware. The likelihood is that the console’s performance and quality modes will improve, with many hoping that both will be able to reliably hit 60 FPS and beyond. It has also been speculated that it will be able to support 8K resolutions, though given that the majority of households don’t have TVs that support such a resolution, Sony will have to offer more to convince those who are already PS5 owners to make the jump.

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