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: It Takes Two (PS5) – An Insanely Inventive Co-Op Adventure

Life is a rollercoaster.

Like its predecessor, It Takes Two is only playable in local or online co-op. In keeping with this theme of working together, associate editor Stephen Tailby enlisted the help of his girlfriend, Rachel, for this review. You’ll hear from both of them below as they go over their thoughts on this shared experience, laid out in a back-and-forth style. Enjoy.

Stephen: Alright, well, we should begin at the beginning. It Takes Two is a co-op action adventure from Josef Fares and his team at Hazelight. Like the studio’s previous game, A Way Out, the action largely splits the screen in two and requires both players to work together to navigate the world, beat baddies, and solve puzzles. However, the team has really upped the ante this time.

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