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Jared Polin is giving away over $92K in photo gear to kick off his ‘Fund a Photographer’ project

Jared Polin, better known as Fro Knows Photo in the online world, has revealed the details of a ‘super secret project’ he’s been teasing over the past few weeks. In a video posted to his YouTube channel, Polin shares that he’s giving away more than $92,000 in camera gear as part of a campaign he’s created called ‘Fund a Photographer.’

In Polin’s own words:

[Fund a Photographer is] something I’ve had an idea [of doing] for close to ten years where I get a bunch of camera kits that include cameras, lenses, education—everything someone would need to get started as a photographer. The whole idea is to get a bunch of kits to schools, to teachers in need, as well as kids who have a propensity for creativity, but many have never been able to own a DSLR.’

To kick off the project, Polin is giving away 50 cameras and 50 lenses, given to him by Canon after he connected with them and shared his vision for Fund a Photographer. Think Tank Photo, ProGrade Digital and Adobe also stepped up to donated bags, memory cards and Lightroom memberships, respectively. In showing off the goods, Polin broke down how many cameras and lenses Canon sent his way:

  • 80D (10x)
  • 70D (10x)
  • Rebel SL2 (15x)
  • T6i (15x)
  • EF 18–135mm F3.5–5.6 IS (15x)
  • EF 70–200 F2.8 IS II (5x)
  • EF 24–105 F4 (6x)
  • EF 16–35mm F2.8L II USM (amount unknown)
  • 70–300 F4.5–5.6L IS USM (amount unknown)

As for where these cameras came from, Polin says he contacted Canon to see how many kits he could purchase with an initial $10,000 purchase to get Fund a Photographer off the ground. Canon responded by saying they were about to have a meeting to discuss what they were going to do with excess gear they had sitting around in the form of demo models other units that have been lightly used. So, Canon took those units and shipped them out to Polin, free of charge, to start Fund a Photographer.

In the video, Polin explains the catalyst for Fund a Photographer was his high school photo teacher, who had recently connected with Polin again after returning to teaching photography after a number of years away. Polin found out Mr. Bower had recently used money from his own pockets to purchase camera kits for his students when he realized the school didn’t have the budget to get any more gear. Heartbroken by this news, Polin made the call to Canon. The rest, as they say, is history.

Polin (right), talking with his 10th grade photographer teacher, Mr. Bower (left), after showing him the new kits he’ll be receiving as part of the first ‘Fund a Photographer’ donation.

To show his appreciation for what Mr. Bower has done for Polin and other students, Polin invited Mr. Bower to his studio under the guise of an interview, to ensure his former teacher was the first to receive five kits to help further his students’ creative endeavors.

After showing his interview with Mr. Bower, in the above video Polin shares a few ways you can help to support the Fund a Photographer project. ‘I don’t know where Fund a Photographer is going to go,’ says Polin, ‘but I know we have a great kickstart to it now thanks to Canon, Think Tank, ProGrade Digital [and] Adobe.’

You can find out more about the project by heading over to the Fund a Photographer website. There, you can learn more about the initiative and even request more information on how you can donate to ensure this project continues on, even after this initial inventory of gear gets donated. You can also nominate teachers and schools in need, who Polin will then work with to get them gear if they’re in need of camera equipment.