Knockout City Says Trans Rights With a Free Trans Rights Crew Logo


Besides being generally brilliant and fun, Knockout City has also been an incredibly inclusive game, allowing for its players to represent themselves and the causes that matter. Knockout City’s latest shout is trans rights, with a new free Trans Rights Crew Logo available to redeem now using an in-game code.

Much like other crew logos, the Trans Rights Crew Logo features two parts that can either be used together or mixed and matched with other crew logos. The background portion features two speech bubbles on their sides together, with the foreground portion saying “KO” and the O being fashioned after the transgender symbol that combines the male and female symbols into a single icon.

You can redeem the Trans Rights Crew Logo for yourself and your crew in-game using the following code: ABPX-QL9E-SRYQ-QWTR-UZ69

To redeem the code, head to the Main Menu, select [More…], and then click on [Redeem Code]. Enter the code above to immediately unlock the Trans Rights Crew Logo in-game. Note that only Crew Leaders can apply new Crew Logos, though they’ll be able to select from any of the Crew Logos that crew members have unlocked.

The Trans Rights Crew Logo is not limited, so players can redeem it at any time using the code above. It was briefly made available for purchase in the store by mistake, but Velan Studios has credited back anyone who may have purchased it.

Back in June, Velan Studios celebrated Black friends and coworkers with free player emblems supporting Juneteenth. It also provided a huge variety of LGBTQ+ player emblems—21 in total—representing an assortment of identifiers for Pride month. These free emblems are still available to redeem now (you can find the codes to use in-game at each of the prior links).

Knockout City Season Two recently kicked off with its Night at the Movies theme, featuring a new dynamic map that changes as you play and a new Soda Ball that covers the screen if you get hit by its splash.

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