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Lego 2K Drive Is Wiping Player Progress, 2K Responds

Early Lego 2K Drive players have reported a bug that’s causing unsuspecting gamers to lose their entire game progress. Those who pre-ordered Lego 2K Drive are able to play the game now, but, unfortunately, the experience has been pretty unsavory for some.

Lego 2K Drive lost progress bug explained

Lego 2K Drive comes with both offline and online modes. Players who play the game offline and then connect to 2K‘s servers have found that their local saves are overridden by cloud saves, causing them to lose their entire offline progress.

VideoGamesChronicle has corroborated the reports, with writer Chris Scullion noting that they lost 10 hours of progress because they didn’t realize they had been disconnected from 2K’s servers after putting the PS5 in rest mode. Upon rebooting the game, there was no message warning Scullion that they were offline, and they continued playing locally. When they realized they were offline and reconnected, Scullion lost their progress.

A number of frustrated players have taken to Twitter to complain about the same issue.

2K has told VGC that it’s aware of the issue — which seems to be impacting PS5 — and are investigating. Additional updates will be shared “as soon as they’re available.”

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