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Lost Judgement DLC Packs Detailed, Will Include Story Featuring Kaito as Protagonist

New details have emerged focusing on Lost Judgment DLC, from cosmetic and girlfriend additions as well as a separate Story DLC featuring supporting character Masaharu Kaito as a playable protagonist. The extensive details for the planned DLC are viewable on the Lost Judgement official website, and each is listed as separately purchasable content. The Story DLC, in particular, will be released sometime after the game’s launch but will be included for free if you buy the Digital Deluxe edition.

Specifically, there are a total of four different DLC packs that add a variety of new content to the game. Among the list, there is the Quick Start Support Pack included as a pre-order bonus, Detective Life Pack, Youth Drama Pack, and finally the Additional Story DLC. The Quick Start Support Pack will include three healing items as well as a special displayable golden cat statue, as well as three crafting recipes, in order to jump-start players’ detective careers.

Secondly, the Detective Life Pack—which will release on the same day as Lost Judgment later this month—will include three separate girlfriend side stories, three different “detective dog” skins to choose from, and six consumable crafting recipes. Furthermore, players will also get to play classic SEGA games on a virtual Master System in-game, as well as skate around on a hoverboard, fly and race with a mini drone, and take on intense battles in “The Gauntlet.”

The Youth Drama Pack will take a slightly different route, focusing on a variety of new story missions exploring popular youth drama themes. Players can wear a special school uniform that accesses a new rhythm game mode, as well as a new “MAXINATOR” bike used to access a racing game mode against the local Bosozoku youth. If that wasn’t enough, the pack also unlocks a boxing gym in which the player can spar against three different characters, and utilize a new boxing-themed battle style out in the streets.

While not much is mentioned about the additional Story DLC’s contents, the name of the story mission is titled “Masaharu Kaito’s Casebook.” As Kaito is the main protagonist Takayuki Yagami’s personal assistant, it’s likely that the story will have something to do with Kaito’s role within the Yagami Detective Agency. The extra Story DLC, as well as the Youth Drama Pack and Detective Life Pack, will all be included in the Digital Deluxe Edition of Lost Judgment.

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