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Madden 24 Cover Athlete Revealed With Debut Trailer

Electronic Arts has been teasing who will be the star on the front of Madden 24. And now, the team has revealed who the Madden 24 cover athlete will be alongside the game’s first trailer. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen will be on the game’s box when it comes out on August 18 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The Madden 24 cover star is the Buffalo Bills’ Josh Allen

This is the first time a Bills player has been on the cover of Madden. He has the NFL record for total touchdowns through five seasons and gave his thoughts on being on the front of the box.

“As a fan of Madden NFL since childhood, I’m honored to be the first Buffalo Bills player on the cover, and I wouldn’t have gotten here without the support of my team and Bills Mafia,” said Allen. “Superstar and mini-games are back in Madden, and I’m really excited for fans to see how the experiences have evolved.”

Madden 24 seems like it will be quite different on the new batch of consoles when compared to the last-gen versions. PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC players will be able to play with each other through cross-platform play for the first time. There’s also the new Sapien technology that’s supposed to make the people more anatomically correct by “rebuilding the character skeleton providing more body definition and variation to on field physiques.” EA also noted that it will improve “authentic athletic motion” and create “true-to-life movement patterns on the field.”

These three versions will also have new tackle types like contested catch tackles, wrap tackles, and scoop tackles; skill-based passing that with an overhauled catching system that “ensures that receivers consistently maintain their momentum” while they catch the ball; new passing and catching animations like dive catches and no-look catches; enhancements to blocking, ball carrying, defensive back behaviors, and more; more emotive animations that capture celebrations and frustrations; Superstar Mode that lets players upgrade their own character; dozens of mini-games that have players moving obstacles and destructible targets; and Franchise mode that has more features like contract restructuring, trade improvements, and deeper customization elements.

Those who pre-order the deluxe edition will get three-day early access, 4,600 Madden Points, both the last-gen version and current-gen version, and “much more.” Pre-ordering the deluxe edition before July 22 will unlock a player item from the AKA Ultimate Team Program.

EA was not too specific about the PS4 and Xbox One ports, as those aforementioned features were aimed solely at the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions. As of now, it’s unclear how those will look and play like.

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