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Mafia 4 May Have Multiplayer Live Service Features

Hangar 13 hasn’t officially announced any details for Mafia 4 but it seems like they may be preparing to add multiplayer and live service features to the game. The developer is recruiting for various roles within the development team and those job descriptions hint the game may not entirely be a single-player experience.

Is a multiplayer Mafia 4 game in development?

The job listing for a Senior Systems Designer at Brighton, the location for the development of the next Mafia game, asks for a person with AAA game development experience and the company would prefer someone with “multiplayer games and/or live game design experience.” The role also requires knowledge of economy systems and design, hinting more towards a potential live-service system rather than co-op or competitive multiplayer.

Those hoping to get a single-player experience needn’t lose all hope, though. Unlike other job listings spotted by Reddit, this one doesn’t actually mention the Mafia franchise. This opening may even be for the rumored revival of the Top Spin franchise or another game altogether.

Other job listings do mention “the next iteration of the Mafia franchise” as well as the delivery of “engaging Stealth and Combat gameplay loops”, suggesting a similar combat system to that seen in Mafia 3. Little else is known about the game, although previous rumors have speculated it will be a prequel to Mafia that’s set in Sicily and will focus on the family of Don Salieri. Either way, the game is likely to be a few years away from release.

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