: Maquette (PS5) – A First-Person Puzzler That’s Just a Few Steps from Greatness


It’s a small, small world.

Maquette is a tricky game to explain in words, but here goes. This first-person puzzler is set in a recursive universe — meaning each iteration of the world contains within it a smaller version of itself. By extension, that means there are ever-larger worlds beyond your reach. It’s one of those concepts that’s easier to understand with a visual, and the moment you enter the game’s main area, it all clicks into place.

At the centre of each chapter is an ornate dome, and within this dome is a smaller version of the environment you occupy. What this means in terms of puzzle solving is that you’ll need to grow or shrink things to help you reach new areas. Say you find a key, but it’s too large to fit into a door. You pick it up, drop it somewhere in the courtyard, go inside the dome, and pick up that same key, now much smaller. This is a very simple early example, but the concept allows for some properly head-scratching, mind-bending puzzles. We don’t want to spoil too much, but the idea of scale is explored in some brilliant ways.

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