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Max Payne Remakes Are Coming From Remedy Entertainment After Striking Deal With Rockstar


Remedy Entertainment is returning to the franchise that made the studio a noteworthy name in the game industry and will remake Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. The announcement comes with word that Remedy has struck an agreement with Rockstar Games to develop the remake.

The deal is for Remedy to make one big remake encompassing both classic Max Payne titles. The game will be targeting a release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC and will utilize its Northlight game engine. Rockstar will be fronting the bill for development, which will be budgeted to be “in line with a typical Remedy AAA-game production,” according to a press release provided by Remedy. Remedy will collect royalties on the game after Rockstar has recouped its funding from development and publishing. No release window for the project was given. 

Remedy CEO Tero Virtala remarked on the agreement, saying, “We’re hugely excited to be working with our partners at Rockstar Games once again for the chance to bring the story, action and atmosphere of the original Max Payne games back to players in new ways.” 

Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar, owns the rights to the Max Payne IP, and Rockstar itself developed Max Payne 3, which was released in 2012. Remedy and Apogee Software sold the rights to the series for $10 million in cash and stock shares in 2002, a year prior to the release of Max Payne 2.  

Remedy Entertainment’s most recent games include Control, the campaign of Crossfire X, and Alan Wake Remastered. The studio is currently developing Alan Wake 2, a multiplayer game with Tencent codenamed Vanguard, and a multiplayer Control spin-off.

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