Metal Gear 35th Anniversary Site is Fake, But Konami Might Still Celebrate


A Metal Gear 35th Anniversary site appeared yesterday, sparking rumors Konami may be about to make an announcement later this year. Unfortunately, any announcement won’t be forthcoming for a while. A message has now appeared on the site confirming it was meant to be an April Fool’s Day joke, while Konami has said they aren’t entirely sure what to do with the site right now.

Yet another Metal Gear hoax

Metal Gear 35th Anniversary Site

When the Metal Gear 35th Anniversary website first appeared, it simply contained an exclamation mark logo with “35th” as the dot. The site appeared to be registered to Konami, and later added details of a supposed Metal Gear 35th Anniversary NFT auction. However, Konami confirmed to TechRadar that “this site is not Konami’s site” and  “we are currently considering how to deal with this site.” Possibly in fear of recriminations, the fake site has since posted a message of its own:

This website was made as an April Fools joke to parody Konami and the Castlevania 35th Anniversary NFT auction, and is NOT affiliated with Konami, OpenSea, or the Metal Gear series. Nothing on this website should be taken seriously, and there are no actual NFTs for sale.

There are a couple of hidden easter eggs, however. Can you find them? Don’t try looking at the source code, or I’ll know!

Konami, please don’t sue me. Instead, please use the resources you’d put towards hiring lawyers to buy the historical footage licenses needed to put MGS2 and MGS3 back on digital storefronts.

While the site has turned out to be yet another Metal Gear hoax, there may be a glimmer of hope for the franchise’s future. When asked about the 35th anniversary on July 13, the Konami spokesman told TechRadar “there is nothing we can say right now”. This last comment doesn’t say anything substantial but isn’t a flat-out denial either. When added to rumors of a Metal Gear Solid revival, there are still three months of dreaming that something will happen with the fabled stealth series.

In other news, DICE has confirmed that the next Battlefield 2042 update will include a few hundred changes when it arrives later this month. Elsewhere, unlike this April Fool’s joke, InnerSloth turned Among Us Horse Mode into a reality for a few hours.

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