Mini Review: Curse of the Dead Gods (PS4) – Dungeon Crawler Lights the Way with Unique Mechanics


A curse and a blessing.

In Curse of the Dead Gods, you explore randomly generated maps in a cursed dungeon. Light is your best friend, as you take more damage in the dark and traps are only revealed when illuminated. With a trusty torch, you can set braziers (and enemies) alight in each dangerous room. A variety of primary, secondary, and two-handed weapons will keep each run fresh; not only do they all handle differently, they can have all sorts of additional effects.

Each time you pass through a door, you’ll gain corruption. When the meter fills, you’ll be cursed — these have positive and negative effects that can make or break a run. They can be very beneficial, and you can have four of them before the fifth and final curse arrives to really test you. The aspects of light and corruption feed into the gameplay very nicely; some relics (passive buffs) and weapons will increase your power in the light — or the dark — and you can exchange items from shops with corruption if you can’t afford the gold price.

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