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Mini Review: King’s Bounty II (PS4) – Turn-Based Battler Not Fit for a King

Not so bountiful.

King’s Bounty II from 1C Entertainment is the long-awaited sequel to 2008’s fantasy roleplaying game King’s Bounty The Legend. You take control of one of three characters each destined to be the hero of the realm of Nostria. Warrior Aivar, descendant of a noble family and knight of the king’s guard, Mage Katherine, Countess of the rulers of Nostria’s rugged mountain region, or Paladin Elisa, a peasant girl from Lorian. Your choice alters your available abilities and accessibility of various areas throughout the game.

The main gameplay takes the shape of top-down, turn-based battles against various creatures found roaming the lands of Nostria; these can vary anywhere from bearded dwarves to colossal stone golems. Once you encounter a foe, the battle will then unfold on a hexagonal grid and you’ll take leadership of the units you’ve acquired along your journey so far, both moving and attacking strategically across the various spaces, in similar style to XCOM. With every unit having various stats to determine how far they can move, how hard they hit, and the range of their attacks, these battles can be very strategic and enjoyable.

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