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Mini Review: Marvel’s Avengers (PS5) – Heroic Makeover Still Needed

Thor-t it would be better.

Marvel’s Avengers’ biggest mistake is that it wants to be a game you can play forever, without offering the variety to sustain such ambitions. Its cast of characters – spanning household names like Captain America and Iron Man – all have entertaining combat suites, but once you’ve reassembled Earth’s ultimate God Squad across the ten or so hour campaign, you’ll be left repeating the same activities over and over with no obvious, ahem, endgame.

The title has improved immensely since its original PlayStation 4 launch, adding two new characters and mission branches, as well as a 60 frames-per-second option on PS5 which transforms the flow of the gameplay – but it still relies far too heavily on uninteresting objectives, which see you protecting designated strongholds while fighting off samey foes. All of this is in pursuit of strength-enhancing gear, which doesn’t even change your appearance.

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