Mini Review: Neptunia Virtual Stars (PS4) – 10th Year Anniversary Doesn’t Quite Reach the Stars


Virtually famous.

Neptune and the other three goddesses from Gamesindustri are back in a brand new action RPG to celebrate Hyperdimension Neptunia’s 10th anniversary. This time around the characters are transported to Virtualand where they are asked to help save all of the nearby worlds from the nasty villains, called Antis. The story aims to parody sites like YouTube and Twitter, it’s silly and convoluted at times but entertaining in its own way.

What makes Neptunia Virtual Stars unique is that the four goddesses will get to join up with V-tubers from our own world. In case you weren’t aware (and this author definitely wasn’t) V-tubers are basically YouTubers who appear online using a computer generated avatar, usually in the form of a cute anime-style girl. There are a lot of different V-tubers that you’ll get to see, although many of them don’t get any role in the story but will just be shown during loading screens or on TVs playing in the background of dungeons.

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