Mini Review: Star Renegades (PS4) – Rogue-Lite RPG Is Complex But Compelling


Breaking the timeline.

Star Renegades is another rogue-lite indie game, but it differentiates itself in some interesting ways. It’s a turn-based RPG where you fight a threat that spans multiple alternate realities with a ragtag group. Sporting a lovely pseudo-3D pixel art style, it certainly looks the part, and its multifaceted gameplay is complex but engaging.

However, it doesn’t make a great first impression. Tutorials are walls of text, and the battle system has a fair amount to take in. It’s information overload at the start, but once you’re more familiar with everything, it works rather well. Combat takes place on a timeline, and through strategic use of your party’s moves, you can delay or interrupt enemies. The presentation can be overly busy during fights, but again, it all starts to make sense as you play more, and it’s good fun once you know what you’re doing. Leveling up your party members leads to more moves and more options, and gear found in the overworld can power them up with all sorts of attributes.

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