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Mini Review: Tennis World Tour 2: Complete Edition (PS5) – New Balls, Please

Second service.

The wait for a good tennis game has, at times, felt longer than Roger Federer’s career – but Tennis World Tour 2 on PlayStation 4 offered a glimmer of hope last year. This new Complete Edition for PS5 repackages the original sports simulation and all of its DLC, but incorporates a number of key under-the-hood improvements as well. World-renowned pros like Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova have been added to the roster, as have a suite of animations inspired by real-world stars. Running at 60 frames-per-second in 4K, it looks a lot better as well – although player model close ups can be terrifying.

The game is decent on the court, with its Top Spin 4-inspired timing based rallies. You tap your chosen shot button when you want to swing for a precision shot, and hold it to power it up; releasing the input at the right moment is crucial, as your timing correlates to the positioning and power of your swing. At its best, the sequel captures the flow of real-world tennis, allowing you to push-and-pull your opponent around the court, before finishing them off with a well-placed winner down the line. However, a lack of animations means it’s not always able to reflect your actions, meaning that you’ll snap into position so that the title’s logic can compensate.

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