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: NBA 2K22 (PS5) – Basketball Sim Is At Its Best on the Court

That’s a rap.

For as much as fans complain about annual sports games playing the same, NBA 2K22 genuinely does feel dramatically different. A complete rewrite to the defensive gameplay means no longer can you ghost past 7-foot interior beasts like they’re made of paper, as you’ll have to actually work to engineer open looks and lanes to the basket. This increase in difficulty is offset by much more manageable shooting when you’re wide open, meaning it’s easier to get the ball to fall – but only if you’ve successfully carved your opponent apart.

It makes for a much more rewarding experience overall, where intelligent playmaking and a good understanding of the court is reflected in results. Even online, where demigod MyPlayer builds once ruled supreme in MyCareer, you can now effectively stonewall tricky slashers who try to dribble you into submission, forcing them to change their approach. There are times where it does feel like 2K Sports has gone a little too far: the AI can give the impression it’s equipped with force fields at times, but it is penetrable if you learn how to leverage your playbook and effectively incorporate the pick-and-roll.

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