NEO: The World Ends With You Complete Preorder Guide


NEO: The World Ends With You is set to release July 27 for Nintendo Switch and PS4. It will also arrive on PC via the Epic Games Store at some point this summer. You can preorder the game now–and it’s even on sale for $49.94 at GameStop.

A sequel to the Nintendo DS original from 2007, this new installment stars a new cast of high schoolers who run amok in Shibuya and are forced to compete in the “Reapers’ Game.” Sounds spooky. Read on for more preorder info.

Preorder NEO: The World Ends With You

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Nintendo Switch

Preorder Bonus

Preorder NEO: The World Ends With You at the PlayStation Store, and you’ll receive a free avatar set. You’ll also get the Legendary Threads Set, which is described like this: “This gear set contains five equippable items once used by the legendary Neku. These items are normally unavailable until you proceed considerably far in the story, so they will give you a leg up in the early days of the Game, and provide you with powerful unlockable abilities that will serve you well until the very end!”

What Is NEO: The World Ends With You?

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NEO: The World Ends With You is a full-on sequel to the 2007 original, a well-received JRPG that debuted on the Nintendo DS and has since been released on mobile and as an enhanced port for Nintendo Switch.

This new game follows Rindo, a high schooler who gets caught up in the mysterious “Reapers’ Game,” a life-and-death battle you’re forced to play. Rindo is joined by new characters Fret and Nagi, as well as Minamimoto, who appeared in the original game. This group of heroes is known collectively as the Wicked Twisters. They’ll have to face off against numerous rival teams in “a week-long battle for your lives!”

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As you play, you collect “threads” which are not only fashionable, but also impart stat boosts to your characters. You also collect pins that let you unleash “psych” abilities in battle. You control multiple party members at once, but each one can only equip one pin. Your job is to press buttons to deploy psychs in order to defeat your enemies. Over 300 pins are available to find, so you can mix and match to create effective combos.

This installment represents the first time the series has come to PlayStation.

Other Preorder Guides

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