New Battlefield Game Rumored to Take Valuable Lessons from Battlefield 2042’s Failure


Battlefield 2042 has been recognized to be a failure by players, critics, and even its publisher EA. The game was filled with bugs and was missing several features familiar to players of previous games. A new rumor claims the “valuable lessons” DICE has learned from this game will be used to shape a new game in the Battlefield franchise, which is already in the early stages of development.

What we know about the next Battlefield game

A new Battlefield game is in active development at the pre-production stage, with EA providing as much resources as needed to bring Battlefield back into the limelight for all the right reasons. The next Battlefield game will be set in a modern or near-future setting, according to XFire‘s sources within DICE and EA.

The title was originally due to follow on from Battlefield 2042, with 2042 acting as a new foundation for future titles. A former DICE developer said the upcoming title was first intended to be a “hero shooter” where specialists became mercenaries, but it is believed these plans have now changed since “valuable lessons” have been learned from 2042. An insider source thought that “we’ll be reverting a lot of the changes we made in Battlefield 2042”.

Meanwhile, DICE also continues to work on DLC for Battlefield 2042. This includes four specialists, four battle passes, new modes, weapons, vehicles, and maps. One such map called Exposure is due to be released this summer. Ripple Effect will be adding more content to the Battlefield Portal too. More news is expected on this content very soon, especially as Season 1 is due to be released in the summer.

In other news, Season 2 Reloaded is live in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard. Warzone players get Rebirth Island Reforced and several new game modes, while Vanguard gets a host of new features, including a game mode, map, vehicles, Operator, weapon, and Zombies additions. Elsewhere, Rocksteady has confirmed Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice Squad has been delayed until 2023.

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Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Season 2 Reloaded Now Live

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