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New Far Cry 6 Story Trailer Shows Just How Sinister and Dark Anton Castillo’s Rule Over Yara Is

Far Cry 6 villain Anton Castillo—played by the celebrated Giancarlo Esposito—is a strong-willed dictator, ruling Yara through a blend of charisma and brute force in the pursuit of what he says i s a “better Yara.” But the latest Far Cry 6 story trailer focuses on the darker aspects of Castillo’s rule; a sinister fist lacking empathy for the people. It also shows a newly revealed element of the story: Viviro, a cancer-curing drug that comes from Yara’s tobacco plants. Castillo is using questionable means and exploiting the people of Yara to facilitate production of Viviro.

The trailer begins with Castillo and his son, Diego, sitting down to do an interview. Castillo doesn’t attempt to hide his brutal methods, but rather tries to paint them in a light that they are for the greater good. Asked about if Viviro is produced with slave labor, Castillo responds by saying “Viviro saves millions of lives. Do you think that those lives care where it comes from?”

“When Yara becomes paradise…my methods? No one will care,” Castillo tells the reporter threateningly. The trailer also features a lot of focus on Diego and how Castillo raises him. “You are a lion, and we eat the fucking lambs,” he says to the boy at the end of the trailer. There are some interesting hints throughout which could indicate that Diego is not really his son, but a kidnapped child, as well as revealing that Castillo’s own motivations came from being kidnapped and forced into hard labor in the tobacco fields when he was young.

Much of the Far Cry 6 story trailer also focuses on the main character Dani joining Libertad—the revolutionaries—and their initial urging of everyone to simply run away. “A revolution is not won by the fearless. It is won by the feared,” one says. We get a few glimpses at some of the brutal methods they themselves will employ to fight back against the iron-fisted rule of Castillo. The new trailer, which premiered during gamescom Opening Night Live, is the deepest look we’ve had at the Far Cry 6 story yet, showing some heavily political themes as a group of revolutionaries fights back against an uncompromising dictator. Giancarlo Esposito previously said that his character is “not a villain,” at least in the eyes of the character himself. Castillo believes what he is doing is right and just no matter how many people it hurts.

You’ll get to determine for yourself just how villainous Anton Castillo is when you aim to take him down later this year. Far Cry 6 releases on October 7, 2021.

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