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New Overwatch 2 Hero Allegedly Leaks

New Overwatch 2 Hero Allegedly Leaks

Blizzard Entertainment has only showed veiled pictures of the upcoming new Overwatch 2 hero, who was confirmed to be a support. It seems as though someone has taken it upon themselves to post clearer pictures of them in the game, as a few renders for the character have made their way online.

The new Overwatch 2 hero will be in the next season

Overwatch streamer Stevo posted pictures of this alleged new hero, who seems to be named Illari. While the default skin is not visible, it shows her in her pajamas and in a more elaborate suit. Stevo didn’t drop any more hints, only joking that she would have a healing turret. While it is unclear what abilities Illari will have, healing turrets have long since been an inside joke for Stevo. Stevo is a Symmetra main and people have been asking for Symmetra to have healing turrets for some time, something Blizzard was resistant to after testing it.

This render, while low resolution, has much in common with the official tease seen in the Invasion trailer from June. She’s got a big sword-like weapon in both, as well as a cape in her Daybreak skin. Her name also means “dawn” or “bright” in Quechua, a language spoken in South American countries like Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia, and she was shown in that aforementioned trailer with the sun behind her. Her “Llama Pajamas” skin also might be a reference to Peru, given how llamas are often associated with the region.

New Overwatch 2 Hero Allegedly Leaks

The validity of this leak will be proven true or false rather soon, as Season 6 is slated to launch on August 10. And it’s not just a hero that has reportedly leaked since some of the new Season 6 skins appeared to have gone online too early, as well. As captured on Reddit, Blizzard president Mike Ybarra posted some art showing these skins before deleting the post. They look like they are Omnic themed, bathing the Overwatch heroes in the armor of their enemies.

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