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New Tales of Arise Trailer Details Gunslinger Shionne’s Powers

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Publisher: Bandai Namco
Developer: Bandai Namco

Rating: Teen
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

With Tales of Arise’s September 10 release date just around the corner, we’re starting to learn more about the long-awaited next entry in the acclaimed action/RPG series. Today, Bandai Namco released a new trailer introducing its leading lady, which gave us a taste of her personality and powers in battle. 

Shionne may be cursed by electrifying thrones that cause pain to anybody that touches her, but that doesn’t stop her from supporting her allies from afar. She’s a long-ranged gunslinger, but also uses her magic to damage enemies and heal party members between shots. From the looks of things, she has a pretty cool fiery tornado ability to hurl at foes.  As we stated in our recent hands-on preview, every party member plays differently and brings different skills to the table. She looks to provide a good balance between support and damage, especially if you don’t like getting right in the middle of things.

You can watch the trailer above to see her skills firsthand while learning more about how she truly feels about the curse bestowed upon her. 

If you want a more detailed breakdown of combat, check out our recent preview. You also get a glimpse at the villain and other party members in the Summer Game Fest trailer