Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Gets Character Voice-Overs for PS Plus Release


Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is one of three games that became available for PS Plus Essential members today, June 7, and just in time for the game’s addition to the service, the latest update has added full character voice-overs to be heard during every fight. There are also items that can be used to turn the tide of battle.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl June 7 Patch Notes

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

Today’s update is the game’s biggest update yet and has added voice-overs to characters like SpongeBob, Ren & Stimpy, Garfield, Patrick Star, and Korra. According to Gematsu, the full list of actors involved with the voice-overs are:

  • Jim Cummings: Shredder / CatDog (Cat)
  • Tom Kenny: SpongeBob / CatDog (Dog)
  • Bill Fagerbakke: Patrick
  • Carolyn Lawrence: Sandy
  • Alex Cazares: Oblina
  • Jim Meskimen: Nigel Thornberry
  • Richard Horvitz: Zim
  • Vivian Vencer: Toph
  • Dustin Sardella: Aang
  • Janet Varney: Korra
  • Fred Tatasciore: Reptar
  • Bentley Griffin: Lincoln Loud
  • Jessica DiCicco: Lucy Loud
  • Francesca Marie Smith: Helga
  • Townsend Coleman: Michelangelo
  • Cam Clarke: Leonardo
  • Abby Trott: April O’Neil
  • Frank Welker: Garfield
  • Billy West: Ren & Stimpy
  • David Kaye: Powdered Toast Man
  • David Kaufman: Danny
  • Phantom Janice Kawaye: Jenny

The update also adds usable items like the Krabby Patty, Sokka’s boomerang, Tommy’s ball, a Reptar toy, and Log from Blammo. Most of the items can be used to directly hit opponents or to be thrown at them, although players who just want the game’s original experience can toggle these off. The full patch notes can be seen below:


  • By unanimous request, Brawler voiceovers are here! Enjoy the quips and grunts of your favorite brawlers as you play!
  • Get ready for chaos as ITEMS crash into Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl!. Turn the tide of the battle as you grab, hit and throw all new items that appear around the stage! Item controls are accessible via the battle options.


  • Universal
    • Default stock count increased from three to four.
    • Airdashing now has a two-frame warmup before a character starts traveling. This warmup is skipped when making contact with the ground.
    • Player indicators will be hidden if a character is performing an action that makes them invisible.
    • Attacking a blocking opponent no longer incurs self-hitlag.
  • Stages
    • Universal
      • Made all damaging hitboxes transient.
    • Harmonic Convergence
      • Upper section of the stage is now perfectly flat.
    • Rooftop Rumble
      • Removed corner slants.
    • Irken Armada Invasion
      • Lowered ceiling by three units.
    • Tremorton Joyride
      • Made it easier to scale up the underside of the stage without colliding with a ceiling.
      • Overhauled the collision system of the moving platform, removing several bugs associated with the old implementation.
  • Characters
    • Sandy
      • Light Mid 1
        • Changed so the second hit is now manually activated, the first hit can now be used in isolation.
        • Single-hit frame length decreased (20f → 17f).
        • Damage increased (3 → 4).
        • Launch angle increased (15° → 36°).
        • Knockback increased (10 → 25).
        • Stun decreased (30 → 18)
        • Blockstun decreased (10 → 7).
        • Blockpush decreased (1 → 0.5)
        • Blocklag decreased (3 → 2).
        • Hitlag decreased (5 → 4).
        • Self-hitlag decreased (5 → 4).
      • Light Mid 2
        • Damage increased (4 → 5).
        • Launch angle increased (15° → 27°).
        • Knockback decreased (80 → 50).
        • Knockback gain decreased (112.5 → 95) Stun decreased (30 → 29).
        • Stun gain increased (0 → 11).
      • Special Mid
        • Fixed bug where lasso followups couldn’t be buffered.
        • Once per airtime, a lasso hooking in the air will give Sandy a small vertical hop for easier followups.
    • Shredder
      • Aerial Light Mid 1
        • DI angle increased (0° → 16°).
        • Launch angle changed (372°→ 371°).
          • Translation: Now matches initial hit properties of other multi-hit attacks
    • Danny Phantom
      • Getup Attack
        • Hitboxes rearranged to appear on Danny’s feet.
        • Animation timing readjusted to ensure larger coverage of leg sweep.
    • Lucy Loud
      • General
        • Vampire mode’s jump height decreased.
        • Ghost mode’s jump height increased.
    • Nigel Thornberry
      • Aerial Light Mid 1
        • Damage decreased (2 → 1).
        • Knockback increased (5 → 8).
        • Stun decreased (10 → 8).
        • Hitlag decreased (2 →0).
        • Self-hitlag increased (0 → 2).
    • Garfield
      • Aerial Light Down 1
        • DI angle increased (0° → 16°).
    • Jenny
      • Aerial Light Up
        • Umbrella can now be held and retracted with the second stick.
      • Aerial Light Down
        • DI angle increased (0° → 16°).

In other news, the latest The Division 2 update has added the much-delayed Fairview Crew Apparel event. Elsewhere, Bend Studio has confirmed their new AAA PS5 game will be set in a whole new world.

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