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Nikon China posts 67MP image to social media, sparking rumors of a high-resolution ‘Z8’ camera

A crop of the full-resolution 67MP image Nikon China posted to social media. Full image embedded below.

Does Nikon have a surprise up its sleeve for the near future? It very well may if a little slip-up in a recent post shared to Nikon China’s Weibo profile is to be believed.

In a post promoting Nikon China’s Creative Camp Live class, Nikon China shared four images, all presumably taken with Nikon Z-mount camera systems. While innocuous enough, one image in particular caught the attention of eagle-eyed readers who noticed the image has a resolution of 6670 x 10000 pixels. In other words, a camera with at least a 67MP sensor could’ve taken the photograph.

The original, untranslated post shared by Nikon China on Weibo.

Considering Nikon’s highest-resolution sensor for its Z-mount lineup tops out at 45.7MP (for both the Z7 II and Z9), this image either had to be taken with a non-Nikon camera, upscaled using software or taken with a higher-resolution Nikon camera that’s yet to be released.

The metadata of the image doesn’t reveal much, other than its color profile, resolution and file size.

The image in question, which showcases a fidget toy from More Than A Knuckle (MTAK) surrounded by bottle caps, hasn’t shown any matches in any reverse image search tool we’ve put it through, which means it’s unlikely Nikon is using any kind of stock image.

Click through to see the full-resolution image.

Nikon Rumors and commenters under the original post are suggesting this image could’ve been taken with an unreleased ‘Nikon Z8’ mirrorless camera system. The highest-resolution sensor we’ve seen in a commercial full-frame camera thus far is a 61MP sensor inside Sony’s a7R IV. So, whatever camera (presumably full-frame based on the 3:2 aspect ratio and resolution) captured this image is shaping up to take the resolution crown from the a7R IV.