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Nintendo Switch May Have Just Outsold the PS1

Nintendo Switch console sale estimates have reportedly surpassed the original PlayStation or PS1. The Switch’s total lifetime sales have logged in at a whopping 102.81 million units. This makes the Switch the fifth highest-selling console in history, under the PS4 and Game Boy.

Nintendo Switch sales vs. PlayStation sales

According to estimations from VGChartz, the Nintendo Switch sold 341,662 units this week, bringing its sum total to 102.81 million units. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting concrete numbers until Nintendo releases an official financial report on February 3. However, if these numbers are correct, it means that the Switch has outsold the original PlayStation console at 102.5 million sales.

It also means that the Switch is another step closer to becoming the best-selling console in the world. Its next target is the PlayStation 4, which has sold 116.6 million units. The Game Boy is also close, at 118.69 million units. The PlayStation 2 — the best-selling console of all time — is still a fair bit away at 155 million units total.

In terms of the Japanese market, the Nintendo Switch has had a strong presence even compared to next-gen consoles. While the PS5 outsold the Xbox Series X|S ten-to-one, the Nintendo Switch outsold both. Earlier in 2021, an analyst determined that the Switch had pushed PlayStation out of the market. It’s no surprise that the Nintendo Switch may dethrone other PlayStation consoles in the near future.

In other news, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Sega veterans have founded a new studio. The upcoming Uncharted PS5 Collection will let players transfer saves and trophy data from the PS4.

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