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Official PlayStation Twitter Accounts Lose Verified Status

We hate to be the bearer of bad news early in the morning but the official PlayStation Twitter accounts have all lost their verified checkmarks with the exception of PlayStation France, for some reason. Jokes aside, it is our understanding that all companies and organizations now have to pay for gold checkmarks but why PlayStation wasn’t automatically rolled over initially like other companies is anyone’s guess.

PlayStation one of few gaming companies to lose Twitter verified checkmark

At the time of this writing, Nintendo and Xbox Twitter accounts all display a gold checkmark, making PlayStation the only console manufacturer and one of few gaming companies left out of the cool kids’ club. It’s unclear how PlayStation France managed to escape unscathed (unless the company immediately paid for verification, which isn’t exactly cheap for businesses). Interestingly, Sony’s corporate Twitter profile displays a gold checkmark.

The new changes at Twitter have been implemented quite haphazardly. The website has revoked verification badges on a whim before and has gone as far as revoking checkmarks from former government officials including Hillary Clinton.

When Twitter Blue originally rolled out, owner Elon Musk scrambled to shut down impersonators who targeted companies like Nintendo and Rockstar Games by making fake announcements with verified profiles.

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