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Overwatch 2: Blizzard Aiming to Update Fans More Regularly After BlizzCon

Overwatch 2 game director Jeff Kaplan says the team will begin to get more communicative after BlizzCon 2021 – and adds they’re already discussing releasing new information in March and April.

Speaking to IGN in a lengthy Overwatch 2 interview, Kaplan explained that, “When we announced Overwatch 2, we were very explicit with the audience. I don’t know if everybody remembered this but we literally said we’re going dark, and we said we’re going to talk about this at the next BlizzCon. I think part of what happened was the pandemic situation, the fact that there wasn’t a BlizzCon in November 2020, and things got kind of pushed off until February – but we were very explicit. Like, ‘Hey, we’re not talking after this BlizzCon we just need to focus on the game.'”

“Our strategy for after BlizzConline in February is to be more communicative. I don’t know if I can officially commit to monthly updates on Overwatch 2, but we definitely want to be more communicative. And our plan is not to go dark for an extended period of time. In fact, we were discussing as recently as yesterday the opportunity of there maybe being some cool stuff we could talk about in March or April to keep people updated and to keep people going. So it’s very front-and-center in our mind to communicate more.”

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So, we can seemingly expect more Overwatch 2 news, more frequently than we’ve seen so far. But that’s not to say we’ll be getting huge sets of new information every time. “We also want to be careful,” Kaplan made clear. “I think there’s a right time to get the audience hyped and build to launch. And there’s also a time where it’s like, ‘Hey, that was kind of not cool of you because it was too early and we’re not ready to have this yet.’ So I think we want to be very transparent with people.

“I’m really glad that the discussion happened of, ‘Hey, don’t expect Overwatch 2 or Diablo 4 this year,’ because I think that helps set people’s expectations. So if we do say something in March or April, they’re not like, ‘Oh my God, that means we’re beta in May and then release in June.’ It’s like, ‘No, it’s out there that that’s not happening. So let’s all get our expectations aligned.’ But we definitely want to be more communicative and more transparent with the development of Overwatch 2 as we get into the closing out of the game.”

Today’s behind-the-scenes video for Overwatch 2 dropped a huge number of new details about the game, from brand new maps, to a huge upgrade to PvE hero progression, to new campaign and story details, to major overhaul experiements for PvP. If that wasn’t enough for you, we also spoke to Jeff Kaplan about all of the above, and more besides.

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