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Persona 3 Reload Changes Divisive Social Link Mechanic

The Persona 3 Social Link gameplay mechanic was always divisive amongst players, so much so that it was changed in future Persona games. It seems like Atlus has taken that feedback to heart because one of the changes they’ll be making in Persona 3 Reload is how the Social Link mechanic works. While it hasn’t been removed completely, the changes should make the mechanic far easier for players to manage.

The Persona 3 Social Link mechanic originally broke links if players failed to interact with characters for a lengthy period of time, and made poor decisions in important interactions. This would lock players out of some aspects of the game. Game director Takuya Yamaguchi told Famitsu (thanks Noisy Pixel) that the Broken Social Link mechanic has now been removed in Persona 3 Reload.

The original mechanic also included a Reverse state that was triggered if players simply ignored the characters. This has been altered in Persona 3 Reload so that this state is far harder to trigger and players are less likely to encounter reversals. Reverse State can still be fixed by players with effort.

Yamaguchi explained that he “thought it would be too bad if a “Broken” outcome happened and the Social Link could no longer progress”. As such, the mechanic was removed entirely “after much thought.” The changes have divided players, with some wishing to keep the mechanic in its original form and others pleased they will no longer be locked out of content.

Earlier today, players got a look at some of the new and improved combat animations as well as a look at the English voice cast. Despite these changes, Persona 3 Reload will not be including any of the content from Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable.

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