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Persona 3 Reload’s Tartarus Map & New Features Detailed

Persona 3 Reload detail
Credit: Atlus

Atlus has given further details about Persona 3 Reload‘s sprawling dungeon Tartarus and its presence in the remake.

A press release from Atlus has detailed several of the upcoming remake‘s features. The massive dungeon Tartarus has also received some updates in this new version.

“The Dark Hour exists between one day and the next, imperceptible to most,” reads the release. “During this time, the looming labyrinth of Tartarus appears, teeming with Shadows ready to fight. Exploring this mysterious tower is better than ever in Persona 3 Reload, thanks to a fresh coat of paint and gameplay improvements.”

Tartarus is filled with breakable objects and locked treasure chests that grant players a variety of rewards. Party members can scout floors out after battles to find the route to the next floor, though this means they’re temporarily separated from the group. Missing people can also be rescued from the area for additional rewards.

The dungeon is filled with things called Monad Doors and Monad Passages, which feature extra challenging shadow enemies that guard treasure chests and powerful weapons, character costumes, and other rare items, respectively. Rare shadows that give additional experience and gold can also be found, and their shining gold design makes them hard to miss.

Staying on one floor of Tartarus can be deadly, however, thanks to the Reaper — described by the release as “a terrifying enemy you’re not likely to stand a chance against. If you find yourself being stalked by The Reaper, turn tail and run!”

After battles, Shuffle Time can grant rewards, including Major Arcana cards.

“After winning a battle, you may enter a bonus round called Shuffle Time,” the statement reads. “The cards you choose can grant you beneficial effects and Personas. Rarely, you may find a Major Arcana card carrying a special effect that lasts for the remainder of the day, such as increased EXP gain or All-Out Attack damage.”

Finally, Fuuka — the main party’s navigator — has had some of her handy skills detailed. These are used outside of battle. They are as follows:

“Jamming allows you to avoid detection by Shadows on the floor, Shock Noise temporarily Distresses all enemies on the floor, and Sylphid Aura buffs all party members at the start of the next battle. Using skills like these will consume SP just like the rest, so don’t hesitate to use recovery items when she’s running low.”

When is Persona 3 Reload being released?

Persona 3 Reload is set to release for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on February 2, 2024. The Atlus remake features a new English voice cast as well as some gameplay alterations to modernize some of the original’s mechanics.

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