Phase One announces $12K XT-Rodenstock 40mm Tilt lens for XT IQ4 camera


Phase One has announced a new lens for its XT camera system.

Last week, Phase One teased an upcoming announcement. We speculated the company was adding some sort of tilt functionality to its XT camera system and that speculation has proven true, as Phase One has announced the XT-Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4.0/40mm Tilt. The 40mm F4 lens introduces a ‘simple and distinctive’ tilt design, allowing photographers to adjust the focal plane and control the depth of field.

The tilt functionality joins the shift control already present on the Phase One XT camera, which offers 24mm of shift along the X and Y axes. The new lens is designed for dedicated landscape photographers, promising increased depth of field thanks to the tilt control. ‘A new essential lens for dedicated landscape photographers,’ said Drew Altdoerffer, VP of Portfolio Management – Digitization. ‘It is an important addition to our XT lens series, the tilt design allows for fine focal plane control, maximizing depth of field and complementing the shift of the XT camera for exceptional image quality and composition control.’

XT-Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4/40mm Tilt

Looking closely at the new lens, it offers a tilt from -3 to 3 degrees, which is controlled with a dial on the top of the lens. Phase One says the lens delivers outstanding sharpness, much like its other Rodenstock lenses.

XT-Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4/40mm Tilt

The lens is available to order through Phase One partners, and the company expects it to begin shipping in September. The MSRP is $11990 (€10999).

Speaking of Rodenstock lenses, Phase One also announced the Phase One X-Shutter is now available for the Rodenstock HR Digaron 138mm F6.5 lens. This specialized lens previously lacked a physical shutter, meaning shutter speed and aperture couldn’t be controlled directly from an IQ4 digital back. Thanks to the new X-Shutter option, that functionality is now possible. The lens, equipped with the X-Shutter, is available through authorized lens suppliers.

Rodenstock HR Digaron 138mm F6.5

The last bit of new Phase One news is an update to Cascable AB (iOS app). The update will be available in the coming weeks and includes performance improvements and better mobile integration for IQ4 digital backs. Phase One writes, ‘Special attention has been made to enhance image quality workflows, achieve faster live view frame rates, improve Wi-Fi connectivity, and access images stored directly on the IQ4.’ The update will let users view images saved to the IQ4 and select images to transfer to their iOS device.

For more information on Phase One’s cameras and lenses, including its XT lens lineup, visit Phase One.

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