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Photographer Jon Taylor Sweet shoots an engagement with the help of Imagen

For commercial photographers who shoot thousands of images on a typical job, editing those files can be a huge drain on their time. Imagen is an AI-based photo editing application designed to streamline that process and help modernize photographers’ workflow, optimizing their schedules and letting them spend more time doing what they love, and less time sitting in front of a screen.

Imagen works by looking at how you typically edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic, and learning from you, analyzing your past edits to create new custom profiles. Once the profiles have been created, Imagen uses them to automatically edit batches of images in your own personal style. Unlike a conventional Lightroom preset, Imagen doesn’t apply adjustments in a ‘blanket’ fashion to all of your pictures. Instead, it adjusts images individually, based on an analysis of their content – just like a photographer would. The only difference is that with Imagen, the editing is handled automatically, without you needing to spend hours in front of the computer.

To generate an automatic profile, Imagen needs to analyze a minimum of 5,000 images, edited in a consistent style in Adobe Lightroom Classic. But once you’ve uploaded these images via a Lightroom Classic catalog and created your custom profile, applying the profile to future edits only takes around one second per image, at a cost of five cents per file.

In addition to creating your own AI profiles, you also have the option of applying ‘Talent AI Profiles’, based on the work of established commercial photographers working in various genres, including weddings and lifestyle. If required, Imagen’s edits can be fine-tuned in Lightroom, and the company is working on a culling feature, coming soon, which promises to speed up photographers’ workflows even further.

Imagen Culling will save even more time by automatically picking only the best of a sequence of photos, and letting photographers review selected images in their preferred culling software, i.e, Lightroom or Photo Mechanic, before editing. Imagen Culling has been developed based on interviews with photographers and extensive user testing, including data from real-world photo shoots. The company estimates that an Imagen workflow, from AI culling through AI-based editing, will reduce post-processing time by up to 75% compared to a traditional, all-manual editing workflow.

In this video, photographer Jon Taylor Sweet uses Imagen to help edit a batch of images from an engagement shoot in Seattle, letting Imagen’s AI do the heavy lifting by automatically editing his selection of more than 160 photographs.

Engagement shoot sample gallery by Jon Taylor Sweet

Jon Taylor Sweet is a wedding, lifestyle and commercial photographer, based in Seattle, WA. Check out his website for more information, and to see more of his work.

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