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PlayStation Now February 2022 Games Include GTA Vice City Definitive Edition


Sony will be adding four new titles to their PlayStation Now service for February 2022. Following a leak at the end of last month, we’d already suspected Grand Theft Auto Vice City – The Definitive Edition would be one of the games added in February and Sony has now confirmed that. Joining it is Little Big Workshop, Through the Darkest of Times, and Death Squared.

PlayStation Now four new games

Grand Theft Auto Vice City: The Definitive Edition is the second of three games recently released as part of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition to join PS Now, following in the footsteps of GTA III, a game that left the service today. The remastered edition of the 20-year-old PlayStation 2 game features enhanced visuals including 4K-resolution support with up to 60 frames per second performance on PlayStation 5, as well as a GTA V-inspired controller layout, improved gunplay, newly supported languages, and new trophies.

Little Big Workshop puts players in charge of creating their own workshop. After buying machinery, designing the ultimate production line, and recruiting workers, orders need to be fulfilled to the client’s satisfaction before the time limit runs out. Eventually the small workshop becomes a much bigger factory that produces multiple products like rubber ducks or scooters, but be careful because accidents can happen.

Through the Darkest of Times is a “historical resistance strategy game” set in 1933 and the middle of Adolf Hitler’s reign. As the leader of a small resistance group in Berlin, you want to disrupt his plans as much as possible. Even small actions like dropping leaflets, sabotage, and gathering information can make a difference, but there are dire consequences for getting caught.

Finally, Death Squared is a co-op puzzle game for up to four players. Color-coded robots have to reach their destination through levels filled with deadly traps and other obstacles that mean teamwork is key. The campaign can be played alone or with a second player, while the multiplayer Party Chaos mode poses “insane” challenges for 2-4 players to overcome.

All of these games are available in PlayStation Now today, February 1. Three of the four games seem to be permanent additions to the service, the exception being GTA Vice City that will leave on May 2.

In other news, Final Fantasy XIV is starting a Valentione’s Day 2022 celebration next week with a limited time quest and cosmetics. Elsewhere, we want to know your opinion on Sony’s intended acquisition of Bungie in our latest reader’s opinion.

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