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PlayStation State of Play September 2022 Livestream

The rumors were true. Sony did have a PlayStation State of Play September 2022 event planned and the announcement sure did generate a lot of buzz yesterday. The showcase will kick off shortly, at 3 pm PT / 6 pm ET / and 12 am (September 14th) CEST. For all other time zones, use this handy converter. The livestream will be short and sweet, offering around 20 minutes of “reveals.” This includes updates and gameplay videos from 10 upcoming PS5, PS4, and PSVR 2 games.

PlayStation State of Play September 2022 livestream and what to expect

Just to manage expectations, Sony has said that today’s State of Play will highlight “the amazing creative contributions of the Japanese game development community” and is specifically geared towards games that’ll make an appearance at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2022. For some reason, fans think God of War Ragnarok will be part of the lineup but considering that Sony’s always been pretty clear about what it plans to showcase, we don’t see how Santa Monica Studio fits in with the theme here.

As usual, a small corner of the internet is still holding out hope for Silent Hill, and understandably so. We know multiple Silent Hill games are in development and we’ve seen enough leaks to be convinced that those years-old rumors are true. However, Konami seems to be dragging its feet when it comes to revealing the projects. Add to this a comment from reliable insider The Snitch, who’ve said that the State of Play will showcase “lots of minor games,” and once again, we wouldn’t advise holding your breath.

But what about Silent Hill 2 and Metal Gear Solid remakes, you ask? We wouldn’t categorize them as “minor” games and The Snitch has asked followers not to expect those either. Unless the insider is teasing fans by misleading them, it looks like today’s State of Play will be in line with recent Sony showcases.

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